Contextual Smartwear is a context aware jacket that morphs its shape and functionality to protect the wearer against climate change. It collects and manages weather data without user input in an effort to reduce the cognitive load, seamlessly integrating itself into the wearer’s daily routine.

The jacket contains a cooling/heating system and shrinks/expands in size to make its wearer comfortable throughout all weather conditions.

This project was sponsored by Vodafone and done in collaboration with the leading Turkish fashion designer Arzu Kaprol, design technologist Burcum Turkmen and sculptor Server Demirtas.


Cnn Turk



Premiere Vision, 2015, Istanbul

Vodafone Technology Summit 2015, Istanbul



Have you ever opened the door to your fridge and aimlessly stared into it? Sometimes we compulsively interact with our computers, smart phones, fridges, and clocks without having a need for their utilitarian functions. Why do we do this? Is it because these machines have conditioned us to receive relief through our interactions with them? Do we subconsciously turn to them when we need comfort? What if these “Pavlovian comfort machines” have coevolved with us based on our expectations from them and started to acknowledge these liminal, in between moments...

Liminoids is a wireless home device network that is triggered by biosensor data. When the user is in an anxious state liminoid devices would stop performing their utilitarian functions and perform ones that sooth the user. Liminoid frigus, the refrigerator, would lock its door and perform meditative vibrations and sounds. Liminoid temporis, the clock, would stop showing the time and perform visual cues that regulate the user's breathing.



Inspired by the metaphor of the toothbrush in a family household, where each member recognizes this personalized object through a color-coding system.

Twistymote remote control features a twistable module–a cube–with different colors on each side that can be assigned to each user. The system can progressively learn about the viewer’s habits, make recommendations, organize favorite categories and filter the undesired content.


This project was done in collaboration with Leif Percefield and Francisco Zamorano.


Lazy Bytes in Paris – Feb 5 - March 1 | 2014

Lazy Bytes in San Francisco – Nov 21 - Dec 3 | 2013

Lazy Bytes in New York – Oct 24 - 31 |2013

Lazy Bytes at the London Design Festival Sept | 2013



T. E. D. - Therapeutic Empathetic Doll - is a play therapy doll designed to help relieve anxiety. It detects the user's anxiety levels via galvanic skin response sensors and guides him/her through breathing routines by generating pulses of light and vibration.

This was a studio project I did in 2011 when I was in graduate school and it is still in prototying phase.